Saturday, 16 June 2012

HND Illustration my section of the show!

Hi, sorry about the lack of posts of my artwork and updates. But i have been very busy with my Graded unit and more importantly this week the showing of my 'HND Illustration Graduation show' at the Dovecot in edinburgh between the 13th of june to the 17th!! Shared with the 'Graphic Designers', 'Interior designers' and 'Fashion designers', Very exciting!  Which is still running on at the moment. For those who couldn't make the show, I will be uploading some images of the show and what it looks like and am currently making a video of our show, to show you who exhibited in the show and there Illustration. I have done a re-vamp on my blog making it better, clearer and easier to find Illustrations, and have taken down a lot of images so i can put newer more recent pictures, so don't worry everyone who collected one of my business cards at the show, there will be more recent pictures coming up! But for the moment heres a few pictures of my section of the show!

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