Wednesday, 20 March 2013

'The old man pondering his life'

                   I love the way old people sit, the emotion in there faces and the wrinkles
                   on there faces showing the long lives they lived and what they went
                   through. Besides my dad that i usually draw (though younger) i generally
                   find older men on chairs interesting to draw.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

'Bloody Chambers' Illustrations

                                                              From sketchbook to final.

Life Drawing

Photoshop illustration 'Call for help'

Finals for Fictional book

sketchbook Illustration ideas for my fictional story

Near the end of my HND course in 2012 I wrote a fictional story. I enjoyed collecting the information and writing the story. My illustrations had a story behind them but the emotions were shown in the drawings without the need for words. Sylvain Chomet and Sean Tan influenced me greatly in this way of working.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Ghosty creatures


Whats out there?

                                   A lot of my favourite illustrations are the ones with mystery.
                                   This little creature is a cross between a cat and a fox. We are
                                   drawn towards the white window. What is inside there, what
                                   is he looking at? I guess i created something that the viewer
                                   could interpret themselves.

The never ending tunnel!

                     Sometimes I just draw whatever come in my head whether or not anything
                     goes together. I was sitting at my desk looking at my paint pot and thinking to
                     myself how weird it would be if there was such a thing as tiny talking animals.
                     Is the little squirrel trying to push the paint pot into the whirlpool?


                                         Sometimes not everything is what it appears to be!

Ramsey Gardens!

        One of my favourite buildings in Edinburgh... the above one is a rough sketch and the below one is a larger final I'm working on....Much more detail than the sketch which is actually smaller than my hand. I sometimes end up liking the sketch more as its free and less careful and neat!

Buildings and streets in Edinburgh




Sometimes when i feel a certain emotion and i cannot express it in person
painting is one of the ways i can get a feeling out.