Friday, 4 April 2014

On my holiday in London i went to an amazing little chocolate shop called, 'choccywoccydoohah' Such a long name. From the outside it looked very gothic and interested, with deep dark reds coming from the inside. My mum and i hadn't read the sign so didn't know what to expect. But when we went inside we were not ready for what we saw. It was like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory in a shop. The place was filled with chocolates in packets everywhere, hanging from the ceiling, made to look like different creatures, cakes with skulls on top. The walls were painted black and red. It was amazing. If you wanted to be surprised this was a place to go! but there was more as you turned to your left there was a staircase leading up to a cafe with more wonders. Now there is something which everyone knows as 'Chocolate Fondue' But this was a giant plate full of samples of there cakes, honeycomb chocolates, marshmallows, chocolate straws, turkish delight and much more. The plate was stacked full to the brim. It was amazing. I will finish this Illustration and will post this later. I will also draw and paint the amazing Fondue! To be continued.... 

I went to London a week ago with my Mother. It was amazing, the excitement of the rush of people scurrying by like hundreds of ants. There is so much to do there. I was lucky enough to see a Musical called 'Wicked', i had always wanted to see this, so i was so fortunate to get to see it. On the last day i went to the Tate. one of my favourite galleries in London. There was a cafe at the top that faced over london. Such a beautiful place to have afternoon tea. My mum had a coffee and i had one of my favourite drinks 'Dandelion and Burdock' and we shared a cake. i would like to start a Illustration blog of cafe's i have gone to and things i ate. So here is a start. enjoy!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

'The Red Door Gallery' Part two...

Shop on Victoria Street Edinburgh

Unfinished Illustration of a shop on Victoria Street in Edinburgh. Thought i would try it out in black and white as well.

'The Red Door Gallery'

Looking onto Edinburgh at Night

This is also an unfinished piece... this one is my most special illustration that i have created, it is also my largest and hardest. At a lot of points i have hit a wall but i keep reminding myself how great the outcome will be. This is by far my favourite view of Edinburgh looking onto the castle. though this is a illustration in black and white the whole piece is actually coloured. The Illustration is in Fine liner and coloured pen. it is also my smallest large illustration like the size of two small hands put together. 


This is an unfinished piece that i plan to finish. I had never been to amsterdam before so when i went i was amazed by its houses beside the rivers. each one was different, each had its own mind. The houses reflecting in the water.


Sketchy drawings using pen and pencils

Sketchy Edinburgh

I love Edinburgh and all the buildings in it, mainly old. A lot of the time i like to just sketch out Illustrations that could perhaps become a larger piece. I love the shops and cafe's that edinburgh has and the stand alone cafe's. I used to only ever draw black and white but i started introducing colour in to my Illustrations i realised how much more it brought them to life!

New York style buildings.

Edinburgh old town

This is one of my Favourite Illustrations that i have Created. Its a view onto Edinburgh's old town. possibly my favourite section of edinburgh is its old town.. the buildings have so much character, miss match of shapes and some aren't even straight, all the windows are worn and some are wonky. 

Swallowed up by the Tree's

When i was at a open day at Edinburgh Art college i looked out a window down to the Grass Market and i found a Little secluded area of housing surrounding by tree's, like the Modern housing had been swallowed up by the Forests that once belonged there.