Friday, 28 October 2011

Menopause Lifelines Article Final Illustration

This piece was for a Scotsman on Sunday article based on the menopause. I had great fun creating this idea and even though i didn't get the particular article they asked to keep it and they might use it in another article if the picture best fits the brief.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

'Girl in the Red dress' Front cover

for my final longer animation i had to create a front cover for the dvd case's a sketch before i put it onto Indesign :)

Sister and Friend Short Animation stills!

a year and half ago for my Foundation Art and Design course i did a practice animation before i did my Final animation. it was of my sister and her friend throwing leaves, it was my first time using Photoshop animation and first time using Imovies. so i had great fun trying it out. here is a few drawings from the short animation. :)

Life drawing man drawing 2011

this is my favorite life drawing one so far, i think doing the 20 minute quick ones are the most fun to do :)

started a life drawing course three weeks ago and going to be doing it for the next 10 weeks after these three. Since i first did it two years ago i have really enjoyed it since.