Monday, 14 November 2011

Bus Journey Drawing

so on the way home, i used to do this a lot , though i know i need to get back into it as i really enjoy it, drawing people on the bus and anything around me, where if its a car or a building is interesting. I like the fact that they don't know I'm looking, yet i get to understand there personality from just the back of there head.

Botanics Drawing


today i went to the botanics and had a really fun but cold time walking around taking pictures, drawings and paintings of things that i found most interesting, the section i loved most was the hot houses and thanks to my parents being members i get in free. i loved the jungle of plants and the creepiness that you felt alone in its vast gulp of plants!  I also loved drawing the pigeons as since being a young child i have always gone to the botanics and used to get to feed the pigeons.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Magical World ideas

Most of the time i draw imaginary things, things that don't make sense, or something that comes from something real but is changed into something imaginary. A lot of my work consists of 'in my world no one can find me' as when i start drawing and listing to piano music i am taken away in my own world of fantasy and thats when all my ideas come. and my inspirations to draw appear. To me writing things that don't make sense or music inspires my mind to illustrate what I'm writing.

Girl in the Red Dress Backgrounds for Movie

About a year and half ago i made a animation for my final project in my Foundation course.  It was the highlight of my year and was the thing where i was able to show off my interests not only in creating movies but in writing poems and writing music, i wrote a poem that described the whole animation. The animation didn't have talking because my piano music that i wrote and played and got a accompanied guitar player showed the mood and story of the piece.

Here are a few more stills that i had around the screen of my animation in the exhibition. the girls are what i used for creating it, it was a stop motion animation which consisted of all hand drawn or painted and mono printed work photographed, there was 295 pictures all together to create what was only about a 3 minute piece. that sounds depressing but it was the most exciting thing  have ever made and is so rewarding when you get to see the finished result.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Life drawing 2011

so today i did my 4th life drawing class, I'm absolutely loving it and after doing it for this being my 3rd year, I've grown to like it even more, and now have a hobby for drawing people, there structure and individuality is so interesting to understand, anyways heres some of which i have done from this week :)

Friday, 28 October 2011

Menopause Lifelines Article Final Illustration

This piece was for a Scotsman on Sunday article based on the menopause. I had great fun creating this idea and even though i didn't get the particular article they asked to keep it and they might use it in another article if the picture best fits the brief.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

'Girl in the Red dress' Front cover

for my final longer animation i had to create a front cover for the dvd case's a sketch before i put it onto Indesign :)

Sister and Friend Short Animation stills!

a year and half ago for my Foundation Art and Design course i did a practice animation before i did my Final animation. it was of my sister and her friend throwing leaves, it was my first time using Photoshop animation and first time using Imovies. so i had great fun trying it out. here is a few drawings from the short animation. :)

Life drawing man drawing 2011

this is my favorite life drawing one so far, i think doing the 20 minute quick ones are the most fun to do :)

started a life drawing course three weeks ago and going to be doing it for the next 10 weeks after these three. Since i first did it two years ago i have really enjoyed it since.