Friday, 4 November 2011

Girl in the Red Dress Backgrounds for Movie

About a year and half ago i made a animation for my final project in my Foundation course.  It was the highlight of my year and was the thing where i was able to show off my interests not only in creating movies but in writing poems and writing music, i wrote a poem that described the whole animation. The animation didn't have talking because my piano music that i wrote and played and got a accompanied guitar player showed the mood and story of the piece.

Here are a few more stills that i had around the screen of my animation in the exhibition. the girls are what i used for creating it, it was a stop motion animation which consisted of all hand drawn or painted and mono printed work photographed, there was 295 pictures all together to create what was only about a 3 minute piece. that sounds depressing but it was the most exciting thing  have ever made and is so rewarding when you get to see the finished result.

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  1. I love these! Wow they're so detailed, doing 295 of them must have taken a long time. Do you still have the finished animation? I want to see it!